2024 CABA-ACAB Annual Meeting

2024 Presenter Guidelines

Guidelines for Podium Presentations

Oral presentations are allotted 15 minutes each, including time for questions and discussion. As such, presentations should be approximately 10 to 12 minutes long, leaving roughly 3 to 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The session chairperson is responsible for ensuring that all podium presentations are within the predefined time limit.

Bring your presentation file on a USB device in the morning before presentations or during a break so that we can check that the presentation has not lost formatting as a result of compatibility issues. In advance, please scan your USB device for viruses. Do not bring your laptop to the podium.

All the audiovisual equipment required for your talk will be in the room, including a PC (with Windows) computer.  If your presentation is prepared on a Mac, please test it on a PC to ensure compatibility. If you are embedding videos in your presentation, please contact the organizers in advance to ensure that they will play properly.  If you have any special AV requirements, please contact the organizers in advance. Presenters who are online via Zoom (or similar platform) will be integrated into the schedule and invited to present and share their screen at their scheduled times.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

Poster Size:  110cm (height) x 115cm (width) (43 inches x 45 inches)

Poster material should be presented in a clear and logical format. Keep text to a minimum and use graphs or tables to illustrate your message. Titles should be legible 2.5 metres away and viewers should be able to read the text from 1.5 metres distance. Subheadings should be at least 30 point font. Text font should be at least 20 point, though larger font is encouraged.

Student Presentations

The guidelines for student presentations may be found at https://www.caba-acab.net/student-resources/guidelines-student-papers

The Oschinsky-McKern Award ($400) is presented to the top podium presentation.

The Davidson Black Award ($400) is presented to the top poster presentation.

Single- or multi-authored podium presentations and posters will be considered in the competition, granted the student’s contribution to the project was substantive and they are the first author. The award will go only to the student, not the faculty, and if multiple students were involved, the award will be split among multiple student authors.

Please submit a PDF file of the PowerPoint slides for a paper or PDF file of the poster to caba2024@groups.uwo.ca by Sunday October 20th, 2024 to be considered for either award.

Follow this link for information about eligibility and the history of the student awards https://caba-acab.net/eligibility-and-history-student-awards