2023 CABA-ACAB Annual Meeting

Preliminary Schedule

50th Annual Meetings Program FINAL (PDF: 2.75 MB)


7pm-11pm Reception North Mezzanine

THURSDAY 26 OCT (Crystal Ballroom, 7th floor)

8:00 8:45COFFEE  
   SESSION: Bioarchaeology  
9:00-9:15Isotopic Inquires into the Potato Famine: Investigating Origins of Individuals from Pointe-Saint-Charles Cemetery, Montreal, QuebecLovatt C et al 
9:15-9:30Isotopic evidence of sedentism in Archaic Age groups from the Antilles: multiple isotope data from Canímar Abajo, CubaChinique de Armas Y et al 
9:30-9:45Early life and early death in a wet-nursing community: Diet and stress in infants from 18th-19th century Pointe-aux-Trembles, QuébecHolland S et al 
9:45-10:00Assessing the Biological Diversity Between the Cemeteries of Canímar Abajo Through Metric and Non-Metric Dental TraitsLischka M et al 
10:00-10:15Lethal Violence in a Peruvian Child MummyAndersen H et al 
10:45-11:00Nail Keratin Amino Acid Stable Isotopes Reveal Insights into Early Childhood DietSalahuddin H et alvirtual
11:00-11:15Experiences of the Certosa Children: Patterns of growth and childhood stress at the turn of the 20th Century in Bologna, ItalyNelson J et al 
11:15-11:30Investigation and Analysis of Hypogeum Burial Patterns in The Near East  (Continuity or Change)Shahrzad P 
11:30-11:45Exploring the interplay of biological sex and gender in a late Bronze Age tholos tomb and ossuary in the island of Kefalonia, GreeceSierra-Serrano E et al 
11:45-12:00Investigating inter- and intra- individual variation in short term diet using hair from mummy bundles at Pachacamac, Peru.Wliliams JS  et al 
   SYMPOSIUM: Restitution and rematriation/repatriation in biological anthropology: Defining and realising ethical practice, restoration of justice, return and redress.   (Chairs: Julia Gamble and Victoria Gibbon)  
13:30-13:45Example of an ongoing repatriation of a Mesoamerican skeleton at the Université de Montréal. Ethical, scientific and political considerations.Houle E et alVirtual
13:45-14:00Possibilities and limitations of using DNA to reconnect missing Indigenous children with their families and communitiesHider J et al 
14:00-14:15Moving Toward Respectful Care Practices: A Census of the Ancestors at the Anthropology Laboratories, University of Manitobaten Bruggencate R et al 
14:15-14:30Engagement with Ancestral Remains, USAPfeiffer S 
14:30-14:45Distinguishing restitution from repatriation: An argument for restitutionary workGibbon VE and Rassool C 
   SESSION: Primatology  
15:15-15:30Sharing space and parasites: Human’s influence on Eulemur fulvus parasite ecologyCosby AE  et alvirtual
15:30-15:45Nest building in wild infant chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale, UgandaKhayer T et alvirtual
15:45-16:00Monkeys who experience more feeding competition utilize social information to learn foraging skills fasterArseneau-Robar TJM et al 
16:00-16:15Platyrrhines modify social behaviour across forest zones in a Costa Rican rainforestBolt LM et al 
16:15-16:30A preliminary analysis of the role of body size, phylogeny, and function on interspecific shape variation of the chimpanzee and bonobo distal femurFriesen SE et al 
16:30-16:45A landscape archaeological approach to accumulative stone throwing (AST) in West African chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus)Nakano R and Kalan AK 
16:45-17:00Impacts of the social environment on infant development in Rwenzori Angolan colobus monkeysStead SM and Teichroeb JA 
17:00-17:15Protecting Lemurs through Education: Field trips with youth in Fort DauphinWalker-Bolton A et al 
17:15-17:30A wild perspective on handedness: why it mattersKalan AK 

FRI 27 OCT (Crystal Ballroom, 7th floor)

8:00 8:30COFFEE  
   SESSION: Health and Disease in the Past  
8:30-8:45Searching for scourges in the Historical Cemetery of Notre-Dame in Montreal (18th century): Preliminary DNA resultsB-Hardy M-H et al 
8:45-9:00New approaches to diagnosing anemia in bioarchaeology: Getting out of the hole.Brickley MB 
9:00-9:15Exploring the use of DNA analysis to study stress in the pastBrien NE et al 
9:15-9:30Hardship and Humanity: Osteobiographical Insights into the Irish Famine Diaspora during the 1847 Typhus Epidemic in Kingston, OntarioKelly J 
9:30-9:45Skin and Bone: Accidents, injury, and violence in industrializing London, 1760-1901Mant M and Alker Z 
9:45-10:00Quantifying the accuracy of porous lesion scoring using macroscopic vs. micro-CT analysisMorgan B et al 
10:00-10:15In society's shadow: Structural violence at Pachacamac, PerúWard A et al 
10:15-10:30Childhood health and identity in the Byzantine: A paleopathological analysis of juveniles from Thebes, GreeceStrickland E and Liston Mvirtual
   SYMPOSIUM:  Innovation and technology forensic anthropology/archaeology (Chair: Victoria Gibbon)  
11:00-11:15Forensic Anthropology and the Arctic: Unique Challenges and ApproachesYoung J 
11:15-11:30Exploring 3D modeling technologies: A practical exercise in rapid prototyping to support forensic facial reconstructionsSimpson T 
11:30-11:45Start with the Why: How Research in Scattered Remains Turned into a PodcastKjorlien Y 
11:45-12:00Minimally destructive and non-invasive approaches in ancient human and forensic DNA analysisTran CNH et al 
   SESSION: Biomedical Anthropology  
13:30-13:45Beer, Bones, and Biomechanics: Investigating the Impacts of Alcohol Use Patterns on Femoral Cross-Sectional Geometry in Young Adult MalesBrent KE et al 
13:45-14:00Variability in the rate of aging: An investigation of OA and BMD in adultsCalce SE et al 
14:00-14:15HIV-Status, Inflammation, and Epigenetic Age among a Diverse Cohort of Sexual and Gender Minority Young AdultsGibb JK et al 
14:15-14:30Variation in habitual activity and body composition: a volumetric comparison of swimmers and runnersHertz MP et al 
14:30-14:45Assessing how entheseal malformation impact locomotion and loading of bones.Rabey KN et al 
14:45-15:00Nats'eji: Examining Indigenous wellness and healing at Stanton Territorial Hospital, Northwest Territories, CanadaRoher S 
15:00-15:15Mortality due to gendered violence and life stage vulnerability in South Africa.Voegt CM et al 
   SESSION: Skeletal Biology  
15:45-16:00Super-resolution imaging algorithm for the bony labyrinth of the human temporal bone using micro-computed tomography and deep learning.Shumeng J et al 
16:00-16:15Measure twice before you cut once - a comparison of molar odontometricsLaughton JK 
16:15-16:30Beyond a Binary: Working towards best practices for estimating sex from human skeletal remainsReid S et al 
16:30-16:453D morphological analysis of human cortical bone remodeling spaces using micro-CT dataWei X et al 
16:45-17:00The rotational profile of the lower limb in horseback riders, agriculturalists, and industrial individuals.Wollmann-Reynolds JS et al 
19:00-23:00Doors OPEN – Cash Bar  

SATURDAY 28 OCT (Crystal Ballroom, 7th floor)

   SESSION: Human Evolution  
8:30-8:45A micro-computed tomography approach to differential histology of fossil fragments from Koobi ForaAstle A et alvirtual
8:45-9:00Exploring the Utility of Bioinformatics Tools for the Analysis of Pathogen aDNA in Fossil MetagenomesBhattacharya A et al 
9:00-9:15Spatial approaches aid interpretations of Holocene Southern African Ancestral Khoesan dietary variationCameron ME et al 
9:15-9:30Helpful Hominin Hips: There is no evidence for major reorganization of the pelvis among homininsKurki H and Wall-Scheffler C 
9:30-9:45Children at Roonka, South Australia: Social and political burialsLittleton JH 
9:45-10:00Canalization and Plasticity in the Pelvis: An ontogenetic study of pelvic morphological variation in forager populationsMacKinnon M et al 
10:00-10:15Meet the ChibaniansRoksandic M 
   SYMPOSIUM: Creating A Socially Responsive Practice in Biological Anthropology (Chairs: Jose Sanchez, Lara Rosenoff Gauvin and Laura Kelvin)  
10:45-11:00Rectifying Medicolegal Disparities for the Missing: Mississippi Repository for Missing and Unidentified PersonsGoliath JR  and Cox JLvirtual
11:00-11:15Community Engaged Forensic Anthropology in ManitobaHolland E 
11:15-11:30Critical Perspectives on the Ethics of Indigenous Cranial Casts in Anthropological CollectionsLameg D and Collins B 
11:30-11:45Examining Community Engagement of Forensic Anthropologists in Humanitarian ContextsPerez B and Spake L 
11:45-12:00From lab to life: Integrating a human rights framework to bioarchaeology and forensic anthropology teachingSanchez J 
   SESSION: Forensic Anthropology  
12:00-12:15The intersection of forensic anthropology and gender diversity: Evaluating the identification of transgender individuals by Canadian forensic anthropologistsPigeon EC and Cahn J 
12:15-12:30Metric sex assessment from the sternum: a non-population-specific method using computed tomography (CT)Godwin KI and Scott S 
12:30-12:45Assessing the Utility of Univariate and Multivariate Approaches for Estimating Sex Using the FemurBonello L and Albanese Jvirtual
12:45-13:00The Allocation Accuracies of Using the Tibia in Sex Estimation: Five Measurements Independently and CombinedlyShang Q and Albanese Jvirtual
13:00-13:15Did you know Canada has a National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified Remains (NCMPUR)Muhlig Ivirtual
13:15-13:30CLOSING REMARKS  

POSTERS (Concert Ballroom, 7th floor) Thur/Fri ONLY

1Possibilities of Peptide Analysis: Sex determination based on Y:X ratios in dental enamel amelogeninAvery C et al
2Can diaphyseal shape variables improve the reliability of juvenile age estimation methods applied across populations?Behunin K et al
3Preliminary insights into the effect of the Roman to Anglo-Saxon transition on early childhood vertebral growth in rural assemblages from southeast England.Caldwell D
4Women's Health in French-Canada: A Humanistic ApproachChristenson R et al
5A Comparison of Micro-CT and Macroscopic Analysis of Mineralization Defects in Bones and Teeth in Children from 18th-19th century Canada and 17th-19th century NetherlandsCooke A et al
6Feeding Positional Behavior Preference in the Mantled Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata)Costigan KC
7A geometric morphometric analysis of the Salkhit calva from the Khentii Province, MongoliaDarvi A et al
8Embalming Effect on Osteopontin in Human BoneFerguson CL et al
9A Probable Case of Metastatic Cancer in Roman Austria: Exploring Ancient Health, Lifestyle, and ActivityGilmour R et al
10Refining and Validating a Method of Microscopic Human Skeletal Sex Assessment of the Human Femur Using Cortical Bone HistologyGregory-Alcock G and Rogers T
11Changes in Active Behaviours for Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata) in Relation to Riparian HabitatsHeffernan MB
12Testing the Accuracy of Structured Light 3D Scanning for Archaeological Human TeethHeinrichs E and Gamble JA
13Evaluation of Full Spectrum (IR/UV) Photography to Visualize Latent Fingerprints on Difficult SurfacesJudd NRM et al
14Global and Local Ancestry Estimation in a Large Captive Baboon ColonyKendall C et al
15Shape variation in the hominoid cuboidKomza K et al
16Impacts of social buffering on affiliative behaviour in Lemur cattaKumpan LT et al
17Sternal Rib Microfractures: A New Diagnostic Criterion for Nonadult Scurvy?Langlois MD et al
18Moving and managing animals in Hellenistic Thessaly: Insights from sequential dentine stable isotope analysisMah J et al
19New proposed method for stature estimation in children from long bone lengthsMurray NJ et al
20Howling Frequency and Prevalence in the Mantled Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata) in relation to Time of Day.Nazarova-Shamkina A
21A Preservation Index for Contextualizing Linear Enamel Hypoplasia (LEH) Frequency Data: Toward Improving the Validity of a Palaeopathological DatasetNikota R et al
22Age-related Changes in Femoral Robusticity in Medieval and Early ModernParker K
23Microbiome Influences on Human Growth and Health OutcomesPhillips N
24Examining Dietary Variation within a Medieval (11th-15th c. AD) Cemetery from Osor, CroatiaPropst A et al
25Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Geographic Origins and Mobility in the Catacombs of St. Callixtus (Rome, Italy)Prowse TL and Rutgers LV
26Trashed or Treasured? The Kozja Cave ChildSan Filippo M et al
27Exploring the Biological Affiliations of the Enigmatic Sopris Phase Culture of Southeastern Colorado Using Craniometric VariationSchillaci MA and Schroeder L
28Digital Dissections: Deep Learning Image Segmentation of MicroCT Scans of Ancient Hands.Schneider M et al
29Evaluating the advantages and limitations of gunshot trauma 3D reconstruction from postmortem CT scansSemma Tamayo A and Spake L
30Male Breast Cancer & Paleopathology: A Pilot Study Investigating a Possible Bias in Differential DiagnosisSiek TJ
31Lead Exposure in Ancient Corinth and Stymphalos (3rd to 7th c. A.D.): Preliminary Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence Images and Bone Concentration ResultsSimpson RML et al
32Intangible Dimensions: Translating Anthropometric Measurements for Living People for Use with Computed Tomography (CT) Scans of Deceased IndividualsWiley AN et al
33Living With Physical Disability in the Late Intermediate Period of Peru: A Bioarchaeology of Care Case StudyWoodley K et al
34Deep within the cave: Understanding Petnica Cave underwater burialsFedora et al
35Black Bone Disease – What is it and what does it mean for PMI?Bertram B