Shelley R. Saunders Thesis Research Grant



Name & Affiliation

Title of Paper


Brianne Morgan

McMaster University

Co-Occurrence of Anemia and Scurvy in 18th-19th Century Quebec


L. Creighton Avery

McMaster University

Coming of Age in the Roman Empire

Joanna Motley

Western University

Mummies as Microcosms

Akacia Propst

McMaster University

Intra-Population Patterns of Diet, Disease, and Mortality on the Roman Danubian Frontier


Allyson King

University of Calgary

Short-term responses, lifelong consequences? Influences of maternal stress exposure on offspring development and reproductive sucess in Colobus vellerosus

Samantha Stead

University of Toronto

Maternal stress and infant development in response to infanticide risk in wild Rwenzori Angolan colobus (Colobus angolensis ruwenzorii)


Fernando Mercado

University of Toronto

Mechanisms of population-decline in rare and low-density populations: A comparative study of two sympatric lemur species

Samantha Price

McMaster University

Analysis of dental calculus to investigate the effect of famine on the oral microbiome

Kristen Prufrock

Johns Hopkins University

Ontogeny of the chewing system in Strepsirrhines


Katherine Bishop

University of Alberta

Investigating transhumance and pastoralism in modern and ancient Thessaly, Greece using stable isotope analysis of carbon, strontium, and oxygen isotopes from sheep and goat teeth

Sarah Duignan

McMaster University

An exploration of body image, health, and identity in immigrant and female youth

Malcolm Ramsey

University of Toronto

Landscape genetics of Mouse Lemurs within a fragmented dry forest


Courtney McConnan Borstad

University of Calgary

Dietary variation at prehispanic Paquimé (Casas Grandes), Chihuahua, Mexico

Luisa Marinho

Simon Fraser University

Pattern of skeletal injuries in fall-related deaths: Exploring the effects of fall conditions in the reconstruction of the circumstances of death

Ana Morales

University of Calgary

Ancient mitochondrial DNA of pre-Columbian populations inhabiting Greater Nicoya during the Sapoa Period (AD 800-1350)


Kayla Hartwell

University of Calgary

Mechanisms for fission-fusion dynamics in spider monkeys (Ateles geoffroyi) at Runaway Creek Nature Reserve, Belize

Asta Rand

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Understanding the Diet and Mobility of the Classic Maya of Belize: A Multi-Isotopic Approach

Elizabeth Sawchuk

University of Toronto

Social Change and Human Population Movements – Dental Morphology in Holocene eastern Africa


Rebecca Gilmour

McMaster University

Civilian Experiences of Trauma, Healing, and Physical Impairment in Roman Frontier Provinces

Ashley Nagel

University of Calgary

Childhood Health Outcomes in Relation to Parental Strategies in Mwanza, Tanzania

Josie Vayro

University of Calgary

Polyandrous Mating and Female Counterstrategies to Infanticide in Ursine Colobus Monkeys


Iulia Badescu 

University of Toronto

Investigating Infant Nutritional Development of Wild Chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda

Stephanie Calce

University of Victoria

The Effects of Osteoarthritis on Skeletal Age Markers

Robert Stark

McMaster University

Human Migration in Ancient Rome