2022 CABA-ACAB Annual Meeting

Call for Papers

Bonjour, tanshi, aninskwa, ëdlánët’ë, hau koda, tawāw, hello!

The Scientific Program Committee for the 2022 CABA-ACAB Meeting is calling for abstracts for posters and podium presentations. Submission deadline is Thursday, September 1st, 2022. Late breaking abstracts will be accepted until September 16th.

All interested individuals are encouraged to register and attend the conference. Please see the CABA-ACAB website for instructions on how to become a member of the association (https://caba-acab.net/membership-benefits ).

To submit an abstract, please use the Online Submission and Registration System (https://caba-acab.net/annual-meeting/upcoming-annual-meeting/registration)

Please note that there is a limit of one sole- or first-authored presentation (both podium and poster) per person.

Abstracts are required for in person and virtual podium presentations and posters. Each abstract should explain the significance of the question investigated in the study, outline the prediction(s) tested, and give details of the results of the analysis. Abstracts should not exceed 300 words in length. Please do not include tables, figures, graphs, or references in your abstract.

You may choose a podium or poster presentation. For a podium presentation, please indicate: (1) in-person OR (2) virtual (both 15 minutes). For a poster presentation, please indicate: (1) in-person OR (2) virtual, with virtual Q&A panel. Authors of in-person posters can also opt to upload a copy of their poster to the virtual site. Submissions intended for inclusion in an approved symposium should select the symposium title on the form at the time of submission.

The Scientific Program Committee will review the abstracts. Every effort will be made to assign presentations to oral or poster sessions as requested, but we cannot guarantee this will always be possible. You will receive notification by email confirming acceptance of your abstract.

Students wishing to have their submissions considered for an award must submit their presentation to the organizing committee by Friday, October 14th, 2022.

Questions regarding the submission of your abstract or the scientific program should be directed to the Scientific Program Committee at (caba2022@usask.ca). 

Presentations are encouraged in both official languages. If presenters are able to, please consider delivering presentations in one language while having slides in the other or both languages.