When Unmarked Burials are Found: Possible Options for Next Steps

Posted by sarahlockyer@ho... on Mon, Aug 2, 2021

Content warning/Trigger warning: This statement deals with child death, colonialism, residential schools, genocide, and intergenerational trauma.

This resource is produced and maintained by the CABA/ACAB ad hoc committee on unmarked burials at Indian Residential Schools (IRS) and was developed in consultation with the Canadian Archaeology Association’s Working Group on Unmarked Graves. It is a living document that is intended for the use of Indigenous communities and will be updated as needed. The information is not a comprehensive list and will be expanded upon through other more detailed documents. We welcome feedback, queries, and corrections about the quality and content of the information that we have provided here. Feedback may be submitted to irs-unmarkedgraves@capa-acap.net. Click HERE to view the document, and please share it broadly.

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