Luísa Marinho

Newsletter Editor


I have a PhD in Archaeology from Simon Fraser University (2020) with a focus on bone trauma, bone biomechanics and postmortem changes to bone properties. I also have casework experience as a forensic anthropologist, having consulted for the BC (Canada) Coroner's Services among others. My academic and professional experience has been built across borders (Portugal, Canada and Spain) and across contexts, researching modern cemetery human skeletonized remains, working in forensic anthropology routine cases, and consulting in cases related to enforced disappearances from the Spanish civil war and post-war period. My purpose and motivation is to put my expertise in human identification into practice to find, recover and identify the missing across the globe. With expertise in trauma analysis and bone biomechanics, I also work to find under what circumstances the missing died, in hopes of bringing justice and closure to their families.