Ateliers passés

Emerging Adolescence: A Virtual Workshop

lun, nov 1, 2021 - mar, nov 2, 2021

Adolescence is a key phase of life, marked by drastic biological and social changes. Yet, despite adolescence being such a transformational period of life, we know relatively little about it in past populations; the study of adolescence in biological anthropology has only recently emerged.

Emerging Adolescence: A Virtual Workshop will be held November 1-2 from 11am-1pm EST with optional networking opportunities from 1-3pm EST both days.

Evolutionary Aspects of Child Development and Health Workshop

mar, juin 3, 2014 - jeu, juin 5, 2014
Harbour Centre, Labatt Hall (Room #1700) Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

The risk of adult heart disease, cancer, and a broad swath of other negative health outcomes may result from exposures during fetal and infant development. Why and how? The field of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) focuses on connections between adult health outcomes and exposures to social and physical challenges experienced during early life. Some of those links may have originally emerged as evolutionary adaptations.

Bone pathology / palaeopathology symposium

lun, mai 12, 2014 - jeu, mai 15, 2014
University of Pretoria

This workshop is aimed at both forensic practitioners and bioarchaeologists who have to deal with skeletal remains. The aim is to elucidate the most common pathological changes seen on the human skeleton, with most possible differential diagnoses. Non-specific signs of disease and stress will also be covered. The programme will be scheduled so that there is time for lectures and practicals (demonstrations), but attendees are invited to bring along case studies or short presentations to clarify diagnostically problematical or interesting cases from their own experience.