Récipiendaires des prix étudiants


Shelley R Saunders Thesis Research Grant

Rebecca Gilmour, McMaster University
“Civilian Experiences of Trauma, Healing, and Physical Impairment in Roman Frontier Provinces.”

Ashley Nagel, University of Calgary
“Childhood health outcomes in relation to parental strategies in Mwanza, Tanzania.”

Josie Vayro, University of Calgary
“Polyandrous mating and female counterstrategies to infanticide in ursine colobus monkeys.”


Shelley R Saunders Thesis Research Grant

Iulia Badescu, University of Toronto
“Investigating Infant Nutritional Development of Wild Chimpanzees at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda”

Stephanie Calce, University of Victoria
“The Effects of Osteoarthritis on Skeletal Age Markers”

Robert Stark, McMaster University
“Human Migration in Ancient Rome”

Davidson Black Prize

Sarah Louise Decrausaz, University of Victoria
“The role of morphometrics in the presence of parturition scarring on the human pelvic bone”

Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Genevieve Maltais Lapointe, University of Toronto
“Validation using 3D CT of the new interpretation of Gerasimov’s nasal projection method for forensic facial approximation”

University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) poster prize sponsored by the Vice Principal of Research

Matt Teeter, University of Western Ontario
“Bone health in the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt (150-450AD): confirming the diagnosis of osteoporosis in 4 females using density estimations derived from metric analysis of the first metatarsal”


Davidson Black Prize

Laura Bolt, University of Toronto
“Squealing rate indicates dominance rank in male ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) at Beza Mahafaly Special Reserve, Madagascar”.

Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Catherine Merritt, University of Toronto
“Patterns of skeletal age markers on underweight vs. obese individuals”.


Davidson Black Prize

Kandace Bogaert, McMaster University
“The Underreporting of Indigenous Mortality due to Flu in 1918″.

Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Andrew Wade, University of Western Ontario
“Re-evaluating Classical Stereotypes in the Body Cavity Treatment of Ancient Egyptian Mummies”.


Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Dyan Semple , University of Alberta
“Reexamination of the Nature and Purpose of Macramallah’s Rectangle, a First Dynasty Cemetery at Saqqara, Egypt”.


Davidson Black Prize

Sarah Angus, McMaster University
“Breastfeeding and Vitamin D Supplementation Practices Among New Canadian and Canadian Born Mothers – Evidence From Statistics Canada.”

Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Julie Robert, University of Montreal
“Influence of locomotion on the hominoid humeral distal joint.”


Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Heather Battles
“Patterns of diphtheria in Hamilton, Ontario in the early 20th century”
Honourable Mention to Amy Scott
“An analysis of body size indicators and their use to examine sub-adult stress in a cold-adapted population”.


Davidson Black Prize

Masako Fujita
“An Evolutionary Perspective on Mother-Offspring Vitamin A Transfer: Preliminary Analyses.”

Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Fernando Campos
“Coping with Dry Heat: Behavioral Thermoregulation in Wild Capuchin Monkeys.”


Davidson Black Prize

Matt Tocheri (co-authored with Mary Marzke)
“3D Riddles of the Radial Wrist: Derived Carpal Morphologies in the Genus HOMO and the Implications for Understanding the Evolution of Stone Tool Behaviors in Hominins”

Oschinsky-McKern Prize

Kim Valenta (co-authored with Linda Fedigan)
“Dispersal by White-Faced Capuchins (1): Evaluating Quality”


Single Authored Paper (podium or poster)

Martyna Wrobel, University of Toronto
“Bone weathering and the post-mortem interval: femur vs. metacarpal”

Multi-authored Paper (podium or poster)

Amanda Melin et al., University of Calgary
“Relative success of trichromatic and dichromatic Capuchins (Cebus capuchinus) in foraging on camouflaged insects in a tropical dry forest”


Podium Prize (single author)

Tracey Galloway, McMaster University
“Results of Anthropometry in a Sample of Rural Ontario School Children”

Poster Prize (single author)

Janet Gardner, University of Western Ontario
“A Re-analysis of Trauma Patterns Among Neandertals”

Combined media (multi-authored)

Hilary Young, University of Calgary
“Sharp Spines and Toxic Stings: How Cebus Capucinus Overcomes the Defense Mechanisms of Insects in Costa Rica”

Honorable mentions

Podium (single author)
Corrine Marceau, University of Alberta
Poster (single author)
Katie Whitaker, University of Western Ontario
Combined media (multi-authored)
Jodi Blumenfeld, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Poster prize

Deborah Merrett, University of Manitoba
“From the Mouths of Babes: Age Estimation in Perinates”

Podium prize

Sarah Turner, University of Calgary
“Maternal and Infant Congenital Limb Malformation in a Free-ranging Group of Japanese Macaques on Awaji Island, Japan”

Honorable mention for the podium papers

Jocelyn Williams and David Cooper, University of Calgary