47th Annual Meeting

CAPA 2019 Call for Symposia

The Organizing Committee for the 2019 CAPA/ACAP meeting in Banff, Alberta  (October 23-26) is requesting proposals for symposia. 

To submit a proposal,  please complete the following form (pdf, word) and return it by email it to Dr. Steig Johnson (steig.johnson@ucalgary.ca) by July 12, 2019. 

All symposium proposals will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee. Given the limited time slots available, it may not be possible to accept all proposals. Symposia will be judged on merits including their potential to bring together participants from multiple institutions and/or research groups, the scholarly interest of the theme tying the presentations together, and how interesting and useful they are likely to be to the attending CAPA/ACAP membership at large.